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Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
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Associate a design and contemporary rug to a minimalist and simple interior in order to get a modern decoration. Design rugs will bring a genuine charm to your room and will beautify the floor.

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  • Product details: design and contemporary rug rectangular BALI handmade (gray) -100% Polyester for the front and 100% cotton for the back carpet -Shape: rectangular -Color: gray -Mode of production: handmade -Carpet design and contemporary -Son ultra micro soft -Soft and...


Within your living room, dining room or bedroom, in a rectangular or square shape, choose a design rug in order to beautify your interior decoration.

It will bring a touch of joyful atmosphere and will match any room. It will welcome your guests within a relaxing and a wellness state atmosphere.

Finally, being operational, design rugs will enable you to stay warm during winter. Thanks to their soft and pleasant texture, you could spend a comfortable moment by sitting right on it or by putting it on an armchair, sofa or even on a bed.

1/ Design rugs history

Rugs have been used for many centuries in order to warm up a room. Originally, they were crafted in order to dress up walls and in this way keep the room warm. Rugs originate from many civilisations, from India, Thailand, Turkey, Eastern Europe or even Middle East traditional rugs are characterized by specific patterns and diverse techniques. For a long time, the rugs people owned served an operational function only. Even if tapestry became soon a genuine art. Patterns present were however really similar.

During the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution taking place in the United Kingdom brought an intensified industrial production even for what regards furniture such as rugs. Production being more important, it enabled peoples to benefit from low cost rugs. Thus, rugs industrial markets developed and became slowly a genuine trend and did not cover walls only anymore but also floors. Nowadays, we can notice that in Western countries, rugs do not cover walls anymore even if it starting to become a new trend.

Mechanized spinning machines enabled the production of identical rugs in a big number but also the elaboration of new kind of rugs, more design and having new patterns of many different colours. In contrary to traditional rugs, modern and design ones became genuine decoration accessories answering to trends and adapting to the visions of the biggest designers.

Nowadays, rugs are more personalisable and help everybody create a unique interior thanks to their contemporary and design aspects, which bring modernity. Thus, they must correspond to a simple and clean atmosphere bringing freshness and luxury. It can blend into shades similar to the colours of the room. In this way, if a design room is decorated in white shades, the design rug will be ideal in similar shades of colour. Think about different beige and grey shades for example. In a second situation, the rug can also create a contrast with the already present colours choose then vibrant colours such as yellow, red, or even pastel ones for more softness. Finally, think about a multi-coloured rug, they are currently very trendy and will bring dynamism and originality to your contemporary interior.

2/ Design and modern rugs

Rugs are nowadays trendy decoration elements, they bring a touch of softness to your interior by covering your floors and by completing your decoration. Within a design style, they'll bring a touch of elegance to your clean room. It will thus match perfectly a design and contemporary décor and will attract people's eyes. Your rug will be the perfect decoration element!

Design and contemporary rugs are ideal since they possess different patterns and shapes, you'll easily find a modern piece fitting your interior. Furthermore, rugs of all sizes exist today. Thus, it will be easy finding ideal dimensions adapted to a corridor, a small of big living room or a bedroom. If you wish to put a rug under your table, there certainly is a rug's size adapted to your table, and if it is not the case, you could make it made to measure. Finally, many forms are now available: think of round and graphic shaped rugs for a modern mood.

Moreover, choosing a design styled rug is an advantage for you since within a contemporary and clean decoration, rugs can make the room look bigger! Contemporary rugs come in different good quality thickness, which will guarantee your comfort!

Finally, you could find rugs specially adapted to cover your terrace's floor. They also exist in different shapes and patterns for your biggest pleasure

3/ Shag rugs

As mentioned before, design and contemporary rugs come in different original shapes. We thus decided to present you a really original design rug even if today it is largely known by everybody. That is the shag rug.

The word shag describes a shaggy, uneven pile that is an inch or more. Thus, shag rugs give a warm and fun aspect to your interior. It has known its biggest success during the 196 's and 197 's just as carpet did and stayed trendy since then! 

Shag rugs are comfortable and smooth and you'll love putting your feet on it. It is thus perfect as a bedside rug! But it will also be trendy within a living room and particularly within a modern one. Imagine: a black leathered sofa, a coffee table made of glass and a shag rug in white colour, a timeless trio! This kind of rug will match perfectly a clean and minimalist style by bringing charm and character to your room.

You can also thing about sheep skin rugs which could bring the same effect.

4/ A synthetic or natural rug ?

Design and contemporary rugs can be chosen in synthetic or natural materials. Both possess perks that will help you decide. Today rugs composed of synthetic materials such as polypropylene exist and some made of natural materials such as cotton too. Here are the benefits to each.

Depending on your convictions and budget, it is possible for you to choose one or the other. In a first place, rugs made of natural materials are ideal for people being sensitive to environmental issues. Indeed, these are biodegradable and are thus less pollutant since they do not contain plastic. The materials used for the manufacture are furthermore various and show different aesthetic results depending on the material. Rugs made of braided jute will bring a natural touch and jungle atmosphere, in the same way as bamboo rugs. Rugs made of cotton or silk will bring a soft and robust aspect to your interior.

Finally, they have many qualities. Indeed, rugs made of natural materials will guarantee a good quality, often hand-made they are biodegradable and absorb humidity. They are also perfect for children since they are anti dust-mite and do not retain dust.

Their natural, sophisticate and simple aspect will fit perfectly in a design and modern room!

In a second place, rugs made of synthetic materials are also some of great quality. Many contractors in the rug industry are choosing to guarantee a rising quality using synthetic materials. Furthermore, prices will be less important for those.

These rugs can be made of materials such as polypropylene, polyester or even acrylic which will guarantee impact resistance, they are also thermoregulatory and are easy to maintain !

In each case, what's ideal is choosing a rug which will give you the perfect comfort, will answer your need and will have the aesthetic aspect you dreamed of!

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Design and contemporary rugs

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