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Give your interior with the sheep imitation carpet look good. Soft and light texture, you ll be immediately immersed in a universe of dreams.



  • Product details: lamb imitation CHICAGO carpet rectangular tufted by hand (Brown) -Carpet 100% Polyester for the front and 75% cotton, 25% Polyester for the back -Shape: rectangular -Color: Brown -Manufacturing: tufted by hand -Carpet sheep imitation -Tufted by hand,...

    129,00 €

  • Product details: lamb imitation CHICAGO carpet rectangular tufted by hand (purple Beige) -Carpet 100% Polyester for the front and 75% cotton, 25% Polyester for the back -Shape: rectangular -Color: Purple Beige -Manufacturing: tufted by hand -Carpet sheep imitation ...

    129,00 €

  • Product details: lamb imitation CHICAGO carpet rectangular tufted by hand (white Earl) -Carpet 100% Polyester for the front and 75% cotton, 25% Polyester for the back -Shape: rectangular -Color: White, blue -Manufacturing: tufted by hand -Carpet sheep imitation ...

    129,00 €

  • Product details: lamb imitation CHICAGO carpet rectangular tufted by hand (White Rose) -Carpet 100% Polyester for the front and 75% cotton, 25% Polyester for the back -Shape: rectangular -Color: White Rose -Manufacturing: tufted by hand -Carpet sheep imitation ...

    129,00 €

Immerse yourself instantly in softness by decorating your room with a faux sheepskin rug. Soft and long lasting, with a comfortable texture, it will fit in a bedroom or a living room with the aim of bringing joy.

Pleasant to the touch, it is a genuine little cloud which invites us to be relaxed and in a good state of mind. A faux sheepskin rug will easily find its place in your interior and will fit any style.


Sheepskins rugs are an essential accessory within a trendy and modern interior. The latter, which is really soft and fuzzy, will give you the sensation of floating on a cloud! They are ideal to bring some warm and softness inside a home and will delight all of your guests thanks to their luxurious aspect and their amazing texture.

Furthermore, they are perfect rugs for children. Indeed, their cocooning effect will create a peaceful atmosphere within your child's room and will be a genuine mate for them. As a bedside rug or an activity mat, your child will be able to discover his or her surrounding environment with a faux sheepskin rug. You can think about multiplying them in a baby's room: by varying shapes and colours and by choosing sheepskin rugs of tender and light colours. Your child will be kept warm and will become and the rug will become indispensable for them!

Adults too will be delighted by the chic and Nordic charm that brings faux sheepskin rugs: indeed, these rugs can adapt to any interior and can be placed in any place in order to bring warm, nature and authenticity. Being able to adapt easily to any style and decoration, faux sheepskin rugs are ideal for those who cannot decide what rug they wish to buy: sheepskin rugs will always bring a pleasant mood! 

Finally, we humans are not the only one these rugs seduce. Indeed, our animal friends are big fans too! Dogs and cats will love laying on soft and fuzzy surfaces, thus they will be delighted by this new acquisition too and will maybe even adopt it as their new dog or cat bed.


Thanks to a big variety of models and colours, faux sheepskin rugs can adapt easily to any room and bring a touch of softness!

Bored of putting both of your feet on a freezing floor when getting out of the shower? You may opt for a faux sheepskin rug within your bathroom. The latter will bring a rustic and original touch that won't let you stay stone-faced. Furthermore, it will be ideal for you when you get out of the shower but also for you to dress up on a comfortable and soft surface! They will without a doubt bring a luxurious and elegant touch to your bathroom.

In the same way, faux sheepskin rugs will accompany you when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night: you can thus place it within a bedroom, as a bedside for example. The rug can also be positioned on the both sides of the bed or at the bed end. It can also be placed at the entrance of the room for a welcoming and friendly effect! In any case, it will bring a decoration touch and a sensation of relaxation.

Within a living room, It will ideally be positioned on a bench seat or an armchair in order to bring them a warm touch during winter or an ethnic aspect during summer. It is also perfect when placed on the floor where it is mostly seen, by a fireplace or under a coffee table.

In the same way, you may position it inside your dining room in order to go along with the dining table. Indeed, in can be placed anywhere within a room or the house. You can even replace the actual blanket placed on your couch or at the bed end by a faux sheepskin!

Finally, thanks to its different dimensions, it can also adapt to corridors or entrances in order to warm up these places often forgot.


Faux sheepskin rugs are ideal for what regards their easy adaptation to any type of interior and style! They adapt to every trend: from a design living room to a vintage or even industrial one, sheepskin rugs will fit in perfectly! 

In a first place, they can come in various original patterns and colours in order to adapt to every taste, of brown or white colours, or mottled, faux sheepskin rugs will fit perfectly with a Scandinavian or industrial style and will create a luminous effect.

In a second place, you may opt for original colours such as powdery pink for a chic and feminine atmosphere that will bring a touch of deep softness. For a more modern and design aspect, you can go for deeper colours such as a glittery black or a blue ocean colour. 

Faux sheepskin rugs are thus a major decoration element, which is trendy and full of softness. Don't miss it!

Finally, these rugs can be even more customizable since many shapes of faux sheepskin rugs exist: round, oval, square or even with broken lines shapes. They also exist in many sizes and as a shaggy or low pile carpeting


If you're more likely to buy something natural and authentic, you may prefer choosing a natural sheepskin rug. You should know that these possess some real natural virtues that can be a blessing for the entire family!

Do you know that wool is heat regulating? Indeed, sheepskins keep the warm when it is cold outside and absorb it when the temperature is high. Thus, it is ideal since your rug will keep humidity during summer and will keep you warm during winter!

Furthermore, sheepskin rugs, thanks to their natural fibre, can evacuate dust, which will prevent mite's development. It is thus non-allergenic for this reason but also because sheepskins are not treated with chemical products that could justify the development of some allergies.


However, a synthetic sheepskin rug can be perfect for every budget and can come in various original and trendy colours! 

Products of good quality also guarantee the same texture as natural ones, as enjoyable and soft. Thus, faux sheepskins are an excellent solution for those who don't wish to use animal products! 

Rugs in faux fur are moreover easier to maintain and will guarantee the comfort and quality you're looking for in order to create a unique atmosphere! 


As mentioned before, maintaining your faux sheepskin rug is not very difficult.

In a first place, it is recommended to vacuum more often in order to recover mine wastes. Finally, in order to increase your rug's lifetime, it is also recommended to wash it thanks to water and soap in the direction of the hair, and then to leave it to dry in a shadowy place. Indeed, you should not lay out your fur rug under the sun because the colours risk fading away and the hair could harden up.

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