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Techneb Shop: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Techneb Shop: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Techneb Shop: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Techneb Shop: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Techneb Shop: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
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If you want to decorate your living room, you may opt for a dining table with or without extension wings. A big choice of tables made of solid wood, glass or teak of modern, industrial or Scandinavian style are waiting for you.

Dining table :

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Dining table

Dining tables are part of the « central elements » of your interior. You may opt for simplicity and discover our numerous designs of tables made of glass, wood, metal or teak with clean and minimalist lines. With or without extension wings choose the one that will fit the best in your home. Scandinavian, design or industrial… Our website is using detailed product pages that will help you choose!

Tables as a meeting point of shared and warm moments :

Dining tables are a central element of your home. Meals are shared during different moments of the day and we often tend to gather around this one. Genuine place for sharing moments, we meet there and share meals and moments with family and friends. Furthermore, it is a piece of furniture with an important size that we must choose carefully for that. First, it must blend easily in any room's decor then it must be adapted to the size of the room where it will be situated. Finally, it must be adapted to the number of people you want to be able to sit.

Your table's size is thus a key element: a big table that can welcome much friends is ideal for sharing one's cooking talents and will be more inviting than a narrow table. It can be positioned within a dining room opened on the living room or inside an open-plan kitchen. It is thus important to choose its place depending on the space you will be able to leave in order to flow freely. However, if you own a small space but you still want to invite many friends over, the table with extension wings will be very adapted to your needs since you will be able to make it bigger or smaller depending on the moment! 

On average, it is recommend leaving a distance of 1m5 around the table to make sure it is easy to leave the table and walk around it freely! With enough space, you will be more likely to invite your friends over and will be more likely to enjoy sitting around it! You will be able to live a unique moment without being annoyed by a narrow layout, which, could affect the warm atmosphere you wished to create.

Finally, lightning plays an important role in the creation of a warm mood: place several light spots in order to create a soft atmosphere. You may also lay some candles on the dining table itself!

Tableware :

Tableware is indeed important when you invite people around. Thus, having a nice and pretty table that you will decorate is essential for unique shared moments! 

In order to highlight your table during a dinner between friends for example, you must think about not overloading your table and leave some space between each guest: count 7 cm for each person. Finally, you can decorate your table as you wish to: a great table runner, crockery for the occasion and some candles in order to create a mood. Then you will be ready to receive your guests! 

Choose the shape and the materials of your dining table depending on the room's style

Composing a style within a room can be a delicate task but it is essential for your home decoration: dining tables included! The latter must match the atmosphere you wish to create within your living room or kitchen. In this way, choosing the shape and the materials, which are going to compose your table, is important. Here are some tips for choosing your table depending on the style of the room where you wish to put it:

- Choosing a dining table made of glass

Glass is a modern material, which will immediately bring a design touch to your interior. It will bring elegance to your home and is ideal for small spaces since it will have the effect of making your room look bigger. Furthermore, glass attracts light it will thus bring softness and modernity within your home.

- Choosing a table made of solid wood

Tables made of solid wood can be of several shades and will help you associate the colour of your table with your personality. Furthermore, solid wood is a robust material that will bring character and a warm touch to your interior and can match many styles: industrial style if you want to give a “factory” atmosphere to your room Scandinavian style thanks to light coloured wood and clean lines or even an ethnic style thanks to its natural aspect. Finally, solid wood's dining tables are ideal if you have kids since this material is easy to maintain.

- Choosing a dining table made of metal

Metal matches very well with the urban or industrial style. Often it is combined with wood, which will give it character and originality. It is, as a matter of fact, an important piece of furniture that will be noticed quickly! Thus, choosing a dinner table made of metal will reinforce the important position of the latter and will at the same time bring a warm and joyful touch to it! 

For what regards the shape of your dining table, many exist: you can opt for a round shaped table, which is very friendly, trendy and modern if you like to have some friends around from time to time. Indeed, this table is great for everyone to see each other when sitting around the table. If you are more likely to invite many guests, then the rectangular shaped table in a classic style will offer enough space in order to welcome all your friends. However, if the space you're given for your table is small or if there are only a few persons to sit around the table then you should opt for a square shaped table that will take less space and will match any style.

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Dining table

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