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Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
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Design and contemporary offices: optimize your workspace by equipping yourself with a functional office, straight or with wooden or glass angle.

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What would be a workspace without a office Functional? The office is an essential interior piece. In addition to increasing concentration capabilities, it can also provide an extra aesthetic touch within your home.


Browsing through our catalogue, you'll find a wide selection of design and modern desks, office furniture, resistant tables and more...


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The history of the office, an old piece of furniture


The first offices date back to the invention of writing when men sought a more comfortable position to write.


In antiquity, the stone tablet was replaced by the papyrus, the design of such a piece of furniture became indispensable. Before the desk appeared the desk, the writing board to be laid and the writing board on foot (a piece of furniture with 4 fixed feet).


From the 17th century on, the types of offices diversified into new forms such as the secretary, the cabinet, the flat desk, etc. Industrialization democratizes the acquisition of an office that makes it more and more functional, at a more affordable price. 


At the end of the second century, the office has evolved further as it has had to adapt quickly to the advent of it.


Today's offices are generally more minimalist and spacious than those of a few years ago.


How do I choose your office?


Whether in a professional or private context, we spend a considerable amount of time behind our desk, especially since the arrival of computers. In order to live your work day better, to have a comfortable place to check your emails, write a letter, or to surf the internet, the choice of your office is paramount.


In order to choose the office that really meets your expectations, you first need to define your different purchasing criteria.


- The price Choose the cheapest desktop model, the most expensive desktop model, or a well-defined price range, you can choose. The "catalogue filters" tool will allow you to display only products compatible with your wallet.


- The Style : design office, modern office, vintage office, Scandinavian office ... We offer you a wide style and office type. To go into more detail, you'll also have the option to choose the color and material of your office. Black desk, white desk, wooden desk, enclosed desk or steel desk, find the desk that best suits your style and your interior.


- Use Choose your desktop model based on its future user. Instead, a professional bueau will provide a model with plenty of storage so you always have your papers at your fingertips. For a children's office, a teen desk, a functional model, simple, with space is ideal.


- Meeting table For meeting rooms, reception spaces, choose simple, unsealed offices instead. You will also find in this catalogue, meeting tables 8 people, which can be placed in both a classic and contemporary environment.


The different tray formats 


Once you have defined your different purchase criteria, you must now decide what type of tray it will have.


This choice should take into account the use you will have of the office, but especially the available space you have. You also need to analyze how you work once behind the desk and how you're going to organize yourself. You don't need the same desktop depth if you only use your computer on it or if you also have a lot of handwritten work to do.


Otherwise, for a computer desktop, for example composed of a setup with multiple screens, or if you need to write both on PC as well as on paper, a desktop with more depth will be more suitable. You can turn to an corner desk that will also allow you to stay close to both supports at the same time.


- The right office The one that takes up the least space on the ground. Classic and versatile, you will still have to choose its width and area according to your activity. 


- The office avEc return A large office divided into two parts: a main desk and a corner tray. This keeps the documents and tools you need to work handy without cluttering up your actual workspace. However, you will need a slightly larger interior space.


What's the subject for your office?


You need to harmonize the color and texture of your office with the rest of the decoration and accofrd with the style you want. Light colours are more conducive to reflection and concentration. Wood can also be a good idea as it has soothing virtues. Also think about the edge of your desk. The rounded give a very different style to the straight edges, which can very well bring a plus as a minus to your interior.


Don't hesitate to check out our atmospheres, visit our blog or contact our customer service who can provide you with valuable advice.


You're here with all the cards to find the desk made for you. To order, simply create a customer account (if you haven't already), and then enter your delivery information. In addition, having a customer account will give you access to additional benefits, such as The Reward System, Gift Funding, as well as access to your "Wish List".


In order to take full advantage of your new acquisition, here is an article that will give you our Advice essential to build your office.

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Design and contemporary offices

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