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Thanks to our selection of shelves or screens, you can safely dispose of your most beautiful objects and fetish trinkets.

Shelves :


  • Product details: Scandinavian retro library AARON (natural) massive teak shelf   -This library buffet Shelf has 6 niches at the top and 2 compartments down closed doors -Scandinavian and retro, style feet long and oblique -Working artisan, furniture pegged to the old and rugged -Teak is used reasonably and...

    770,00 €

  • Product details: EVAN library (natural) teak shelf   -This shelf is made up of several niches -The product in cm (W x D x H) dimensions: 125 x 33 x 190 / product weight: 39 kg -Material of the structure: massive teak / tray material: veneer thickness 18 mm teak -Color teak, acrylic finish could -Assembly...

    894,00 €

  • Product details: shelf design bookcase style Scandinavian ERIKA wooden (white)   -This library shelf is wooden MDF for tablets and oak natural finish for amounts -Features 5 shelves -Design and Scandinavian style -Ease of maintenance -Color: white -length in cm / width in cm /...

    321,00 €

  • Product details: shelf NUCE design bookcase solid oak (natural oak) -This library etagerfe is made up of 5 shelves - easy and quick Assembly with instructions provided -Design and contemporary style. -Dimensions of the product in cm (W x D x H): 120 x 35 x 180 / product in kg weight: 45 -Shelf material:...

    699,00 €

  • Product details: shelf EVA design bookcase solid oak (oak natural, black) -This library shelf is convenient thanks to its niche and its 3 sliding doors -Design and contemporary style. -The furniture in cm (W x D x H) dimensions: 144 x 36 x 188 / niche height in cm: 36 / door height in cm: 29 / weight of the...

    1 199,00 €

  • Product details: shelf 120 cm NOAH massive teak recycled and metal industrial library -This library shelf consists of 4 shelves -Style industrial and vintage - easy to assemble with instructions provided -Material: Shelves: massive teak recycled finishing water / Structure: brushed metal finish varnished...

    749,00 €

  • Product details: 160 cm NOAH massive teak recycled and metal industrial library shelf -This library shelf consists of 4 shelves -Style industrial and vintage - easy to assemble with instructions provided -Material: Shelves: massive teak recycled finishing water / Structure: brushed metal finish varnished...

    849,00 €

  • Product details: shelf or screen LAGOON lacquered wooden (black and white) -This shelf is in lacquered wood -Style and design -Suitable for any type of Interior -Ease of maintenance -Colour: white and black -Length in cm / width in cm / height in cm: 120 X 30 X...

    664,00 €

By definition, a Shelf is an open storage unit made up of shelves and boxes on which a plurality of objects will be placed.

This type of storage spread with the rise of large libraries in the Renaissance. Hosting more and more works, they needed to gain space, without pushing the walls of the buildings. There are many advantages to using shelves in a library. Indeed, the fact that they are open offers a good visual and makes it easier to find the book sought. Often very high, the shelves housed all kinds of books and books, sometimes accessible by a ladder, for several meters high.

Thus, even though their primary function is to store and store, they increasingly become a decorative element in their own right in contemporary interiors. Wall shelves come in all Styles and universe, and will surely find their place in your home!

Shelf or library ?

According to some, it is a single piece of furniture whose use may vary. As a result, a shelf will be referred to more as a piece of furniture with shelves or shelves, while a library will house only books.

As a result, if you are a lover of literature and do not know where to store your books and comics, then you will set up a library. Generally on feet, this piece of furniture can sometimes be bulky in many small spaces. However, there are libraries with several bookshelves that are independent of each other.

To each his own shelf 

Of all styles and for every conceivable use, shelves are endlessly available. From the raw wood shelf for your living room to the Scandinavian vibe, to the industrial-style metal shelf, there's something for everyone.

Thanks to the multitude of shapes, colours and materials they sport, there are many alternatives to the classic foot shelf. Indeed, it is very contemporary to play with the fixing systems. Varied, there are discreet as well as the most imposing. For a sleek, design wall shelf, opt for the collage system with an invisible fastening that fits perfectly into a minimalist style.

Of all the formats, they abound on our walls for a graphic and design effect. Small and narrow, wall shelves can be installed under each other on the same wall. The important thing to remember with the shelves is that absolutely everything is flexible and it will therefore be easy tofind the one of your dreams!

Mistakes to avoid :

A real decorative object, a shelf must be able to fit well with the existing decoration of your interior. To avoid the fault of taste, it is essential to harmonize everything by using materials already present on other furniture. For example, if you like the loft atmosphere, opt for an industrial wall shelf, which will fit perfectly with your other metal elements. In the same way, match it to the objects it will receive later.

Depending on their material and the parts in which they are located, the shelves can be left behind and more or less dust. So, if you have opted for a glass shelf, be sure to clean them to avoid any trace of finger and other dirt. Of course, if you have a shelf in your garage, it doesn't matter, but regularly maintain the shelves in your living rooms.

Once your shelf is found, think carefully about where it will be laid. If you want to install a spice shelf in your kitchen, it must be easily accessible without the need to climb onto a chair. It is also very common to see tablets hanging over a seat. A situation in which they must be placed in such a way as not to be bumped, risking the downing of all their contents. So don't hesitate and discover our wide selection of shelves and libraries with varied styles that will sublimate your interiors!

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