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Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
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Accessories and equipment for the home: furniture, fixtures, decorative objects for all tastes

  • Light fixtures

    How to make her Interior friendly and warm?   By good lighting. A beautiful lamp or a Wall can...

  • Designer bar stools

    Take to the skies with the design bar stools. Our stools in leather, wood or metal will give of PEP to...

  • Chairs

    Discover our range of Chairs Scandinavian or vintage style that stand out for their originality....

  • Chairs

    In addition to a couch in a living room or alone in a library, the Chair can't miss in your home! We...

  • Office chairs

    Are you looking for an office chair that suits your needs? Say goodbye to back pain and uncomfortable...

  • Tables

    The lounge table or Dining room is one of the centerpieces of your décor. Opt for the simplicity of...

  • poufs

    Our ottomans are functional furniture that can suit all rooms of your home. The pouf is indispensable,...

  • Video Projection

    Equipment and accessories for video projection: screens, racks, cables, canvasses, mechanical assemblies,...

  • Decorations

    The Decoration has always been an art inspired by culture and time. All over the world, the decoration...

  • Sofas and sofa beds

    Whatever the configuration of your living room, you will find your sofa according to your desires and...

  • Dining room

    You want to change and novelty in your home? Classic or trends, our dining rooms are a compendium of style...

  • Scandinavian

    Designed to last, the Scandinavian design stands out with its timeless style since the 1930s. While...

  • Outdoor garden furniture

    You want to organise your garden, your terrace or your pool? So do not hesitate to choose your parasol,...

  • The timeless

    Essential for a long-term investment, we offer you our selection of furniture , luminaires and...

  • Vintage style

    We hear a lot about it for a few years, it is used in every circumstances, and it is at the leading edge...

  • Retro style

    Retro. We use this word often undiscerningly ! However it has his own definition in the dictionary. The...

  • Indoor benches outdoors

    Often used in schools, churches or canteens in the past, the bench has long been considered a piece of...

  • Rattan furniture

    To furnish your interiors and exteriors in all elegance, choose rattan furniture .   This material...

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  • Viewing available in Augmented Reality

    Product details: barstool Scandinavian design half OCTAVE MINI (black) -Stool bar Chair is in polyurethane for the seat and polypropylene for the folder. Oak wooden base -Design and Scandinavian style -Suitable for any type of Interior -Color / seat and back: black / feet: natural -Padding + - / 3 cm for the...


  • Indoor, Outdoor
    Viewing available in Augmented Reality

    Product Details: Statue decorative sculpture design WELCOME resin H155 cm (Multicolored)   - This sculpture statue is entirely resin and glossy finish - Design and contemporary style - Height: 155 cm / Length: 80 cm / Width: 45 cm - Outdoor / Indoor - Hand-painted finishes Product...


  • Product Details : Showcase 85x40x195 Wood Grey Metal Golden - Size (cm) : 85x40x195 - Color : Grey, Golden - Length (cm) : 85 - Width (cm) : 40 - Height (cm) : 195 - Material : Wood, Metal - Subcategory : Bookshelves NEW Product - 2 years warranty - Command carefully prepared and...


  • Product Details : Headboard 162x3x110 Wood White veiled - Size (cm) : 162x3x110 - Color : White Veiled - Length (cm) : 162 - Width (cm) : 3 - Height (cm) : 110 - Material : Wood - Subcategory : Beds /Headboard NEW Product - 2 years warranty - Command carefully prepared and prompt...


  • Frame wall Home Theater ceiling 160 x 120 cm Screens on framework. Sold only in France, delivery to the ground floor. No delivery in the Islands.


  • Kit remote control UHF (RF) 1 channel ceiling PRO Accessories for projection screens. Sold only in France, delivery to the ground floor. No delivery in the Islands.


  • Product details : PORTICI polyurethane square pouf (red)   -This pouf is polyurethane -Style and design -Decorative and functional -Ease of maintenance -Color: Red -length in cm / width in cm / height in cm: 41 X 41 X 41 -Product in kg weight: 8.6 -Firm padding foam + -2...


  • Projection screen on foot ceiling Economy 133 x 100 cm Screens on foot. Sold only in France, delivery to the ground floor. No delivery in the Islands.


  • Product details : Contemporary vase GOUTTE in aluminium (aluminum) -This original vase is polished aluminum -Style and design -Method of homemade -Ease of maintenance -Color: aluminium -length in cm / width in cm / height in cm: 7 X 28 X 45 -Weight of the product in kg: 3,5...


  • Product Details: Icelandic Sheepskin XXL ICELAND (brown)   - Unstained Icelandic sheepskin - Long, soft hairs - Suitable for any type of interior - Color: brown - Dimensions: 90 x 130 cm NEW PRODUCT - 2-year warranty - Order carefully prepared with parcel tracking. -


  • Product details: furniture TV low 4 drawers 1 niche 210 cm NOAH massive teak recycled industrial and metal -This low TV stand consists of 4 drawers, 1 niche -Style industrial and vintage - furniture factory fitted -Material: Tray, side, niche: solid recycled teak / Structure, handle: brushed metal finish varnished nitro...


  • Viewing available in Augmented Reality

    Product details: ROSALINE wood and black metal design console (natural finish)   - This console is made of thermolased metal for structure and base and oak-plated wood for the tablet - Design and contemporary style - Suitable for any type of interior - Structure colour, feet: black / tablet: natural finish -...


  • Viewing available in Augmented Reality

    Product Details: ROXANE (black) round design side table - This extra table is marble for the tray and metal for the foot - Design and contemporary style - Suitable for any type of interior - Color structure, feet, tablet: black - Length in cm / Width in cm / Height in cm: 45 x 45 x 50 ...


  • Product Details : Frame 100x3x130 Methacrylate Grey - Size (cm) : 100x3x130 - Color : Grey - Length (cm) : 100 - Width (cm) : 3 - Height (cm) : 130 - Material : Methacrylate - Subcategory : Frames NEW Product - 2 years warranty - Command carefully prepared and prompt delivery with...


  • Indoor, Outdoor

    Product Details: Sumbrella SUNSHINE MARIPOSA black metal foot garden butterfly chair (white, ivory)   - Chair consisting of a steel structure and a Sunbrella canvas seat - Water-resistant web - Clean and contemporary design - Color: white, ivory - Dimensions: 92 x 87 x 87 cm NEW...


  • Product Details: Round Design Carpet (160 cm) SABRINA (beige) - This carpet is made of polypropylene - Long hairs - Design and contemporary style - Suitable for any type of interior - Color: beige - Size: 160 x 160 x 2 cm NEW PRODUCT - 2-year warranty - Order prepared with...


  • Indoor, Outdoor

    Product details: chest BOX storage in woven resin (black) -Storage box convenient for storing garden accessories -Dimensions in cm (W x D x H): 132 x 81 x 63 / weight: 7 kg -Material of the structure: resin flat 4 son: synthetic fiber dyed in the mass and treated anti-UV /Aluminium with a thickness of 1.2 mm / fabric...


  • Mobile PRO 180 x 102 ceiling projection screen Netbooks screens. Sold only in France, delivery to the ground floor. No delivery in the Islands.


  • Indoor, Outdoor

    Product details: 4 triangular tiles in cement for umbrella MARLEN (gray) -Lot of 4 triangular tiles in cement -Dimensions in cm (W x D x H): 48 x 48 x 4 / total weight in kg: 54 -Construction material: cement -Color: gray NEW product -Guarantee 2 years - order prepared with care and...


  • Product details: Sheepskin butterfly chair, short hair ICELAND MARIPOSA chrome foot (white, grey)   - Foot rests consisting of a chrome metal structure and a real unsyed Icelandic sheepskin seat - Short, soft hairs - Suitable for any type of interior - Color: white, grey - Dimensions: 92 x 87 x 87 cm...


  • Viewing available in Augmented Reality

    Product details: Scandinavian 4-seater convertible corner sofa CHOVIN fabric (Dark grey)   - Type of sofa: Reversible corner - Suspension type: Zig zag springs - Sofa dimensions: 229x146x91 cm - Convertible: Yes - Sofa color: Dark grey NEW Product - Warranty 2 years - Order...


  • Table for projector ceiling PT1010G - gray Tables for projectors. Sold only in France, delivery to the ground floor. No delivery in the Islands.


  • Viewing available in Augmented Reality

    Product Details: Bar bar set bar chair in black foot rattan PRETTY (black) - This stool is rattan for the seat and back and metal for the foot - Design and contemporary style - Suitable for any type of interior - Color / Seating and back: black / Feet: black - Length in cm / Width in cm /...


  • Product details: Sheepskin cushion, ICELAND long hair (white)   - Unstained Icelandic sheepskin - Long, soft hairs - Suitable for any type of interior - Color: white - Dimensions: 20 x 35 x 35 cm NEW PRODUCT - 2-year warranty - Order carefully prepared with parcel tracking. -...


Find here your furniture, light fixtures and decorative objects for the home style design, Scandinavian or vintage. A multitude of items for your interior to discover on our store

Brief review on the historyof the House

The House has always existed, but has changed dramatically since its beginnings, both by its materials, its structure and its layout! 

Resting place, guaranteeing in pre-history its inhabitant of the external dangers, of the heat wave at the wild bear, the House existed as long as humans exist. But its structure has changed since then, and went through many changes to its current forms! 

If we don't see home as a protection against wild animals today, it is still seen as a protection to the outside world. Nest where we meet with family or friends, the House is a source of privacy and well-being.

It is for this that being the place of life and relaxation by excellence, the House must be adapted to our tastes, our lifestyle and above all our needs.

1 / Evolution of the House over the ages

Man has always lived in a manufactured home with his own hands, and when popular imagine living inside the caves, she's wrong.

The first men, hunters and gatherers, are nomads who live in tents and huts collective. There remains made in bones of mammoths dating back some 35, years ago. Just settlement, and several types of houses were then built, depending on the places: in Earth, brick, thatched... and this until the ages of metals (bronze Age, Iron Age) begins private property! The houses are individually separated by pens. They consist of lumber, wood and Earth. However they look not quite like our current homes and start to get closer to our architecture from antiquity! During it, while the affluent Romans have Roman villas and domus (luxurious House), the lower classes live in the insulas (building in which the apartments were rented). 

Although times are similar, architecture in ancient Greece was less advanced than the Romans, and the peasants live in shacks in stone or saroja windowless! The more fortunate have homes with several distinct parts... It was actually a privilege reserved for the rich! 

But if the ancient Greece was late in terms of House on Roman architecture, the middle ages, true to its obscurantism, will be not more advanced! Everything is a mess in the field of architecture, and rich palaces are in the same streets as slums or the houses of artisans. During this time, in the eighth and ninth century, the materials used mainly wood, in the twelfth and XIIIth century stone and finally in the 14th and 15th century timber-framed.

The phenomenon of resort will come with the contemporary era: the villa back into fashion, and while the bourgeoisie lives in a mansion in what we called the 'social season', she returned when summer comes in his country property. The villa will become in the twentieth century synonym of 'Pavilion '.

The aristocratic time abolished, it will identify in the nineteenth century a large number of buildings built in mud, with the rock Flint, while the brick, too costly, is scarce.

The industrial age changes society in any point, including in the architecture. It was at this time that will be decided (the current HLM) low-income housing building

2 / when superstition takes home 

Superstition was much more present in ancient civilizations than it is now, and the House paid the price. We speak actually for a haunted house for a long time, but it was feared more these stories before we do today!

The myth of the haunted house appeared in the Roman literature under writers such as Plautus or Lucien of Samosata, and will be resumed during the following centuries in various works, from the horror fiction novel.

The Church in the 16th century made sure to eradicate these superstitions and after trying to delete them in vain, develops in the course of the following centuries of blessing and exorcism rituals.

Following the French Revolution, the aristocrats are forced to leave the country. Novelists benefit and among the large number of works built on these events, "novels of emigration" are emerging. These novels tell the return of these same grudge aristocrats who come back to haunt their Castle, sold after their departure. Even today these beliefs are beautiful and of existing, and the White House even would be haunted according to some rumors!

3 / the different rooms of the House

The living room :

The Living room is the main room, and usually the most spacious of the House because it is space where residents gather, where guests are received and where we work sometimes. It must be the piece whose owner is most proud, because it is ultimately the only one that guests will see. The rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom is most intimate.

Its role within a House is therefore essential, and one can imagine a beautiful home without a beautiful living room.

In many homes,. living room and dining room don't make one. It is therefore very important to take care of her comfort and her aesthetics often compound one. sofa, a coffee table, a carpet and a luminairefurniture are carefully handpicked.

The kitchen:

The kitchen is not always individual: in Roman civilization, the food preparation was community!

And when she eventually become individual, it was usually located in the basement. It's in the previous century, Le Corbusier Integra in the heart of the housing through a controlled mechanical ventilation. 

Also, it is now part of the décor and should not be overlooked nor aesthetically or in terms of comfort, because it often serves to Dining room !

Them bar stools and high tables are the furniture more often compose the kitchens of today.

The bedroom

More than a place where you sleep, the bedroom is a space of privacy and comfort. And if she is not the main room of a House like the living room, she is in most of the most important cases for its inhabitant!

We spend on average more than ten hours a day, sleep, prepare, have fun, work... Its decoration must be warm and intimate so that its occupant can feel comfortable, because the bedroom is a place where its occupant "refuge" to relax. 

The bedroom is usually composed of a bed, a Cabinet, and a bedside.

The bathroom

The appearance of the bathroom in the apartments is fairly recent, and not will be popularized in the second half of the twentieth century.

Despite this late appearance, she quickly acquired a crucial role within our House. Much more than a place where we wash, it is also a place of preparation where we take care of itself, and so must have a decoration which corresponds to this room as intimate.

She is most of the time laid out in the same way, and the main decision which varies in its layout is that of putting a shower or a bath, choice which must be set according to the preferences of its users.

4 / the two types of construction

"Turnkey home. :

The principle of the construction turnkey contract is simple: save time, save money and energy.

Actually "turnkey home" solution is often cheaper. The user doesn't have to constantly check the State of the construction site and gets the keys once the finished House. In other words, it is directly delivered to its owner at the end of its construction it did not have to worry about the different bodies of trades and the various stages of construction. 

This type of construction has however some disadvantages, because to build a House and the experience once completed without being able to manage its construction is taking the risk of being disappointed.

There is also another disadvantage which does not allow to customize it Unlike the architect's House. However, the big advantage of the House "turnkey" is more accessible than the architect House which requires more expensive.

The "House of architect.

This type of House, as its name suggests, is directed by an architect who will act on the instruction of the client, and then the result is unique and tailor-made.

This allows the future owner to avoid bad surprises, decide everything by itself, or to be able to change your mind along the way. On the other hand, it must spend some time, because its decisions are many, both in terms of architecture, materials or decoration. It is a lot of choice and time for thought to be given to this project.

The architect however is there to support him and he is a high-level professional who will answer the client's questions and fears.

In this case, the owner is free to check the progress of the works when it wants to, and can directly intervene after craftsmen unlike turnkey home.

It comes in short more guarantees, a result generally better adapted to its needs, but which is more expensive and requires time.

5 / different interior styles

The world of decoration is far from simple. This simple 'refuge' that the House was a few thousand years ago, it has made progress and has significantly diversified! 

Truly become an art, there are now a large number of Interior styles and each inhabitant chose the one that suits their tastes. Here's a little introduction to different styles:

The style Design: recognizable by his contemporary features, graphic patterns and colours trends is one of the most popular styles!

The style Classic : especially chic and represented by the mole color and style warm and cozy.

The style Campaign: between old stones and beams, rustic lines and raw materials, the campaign style is warm and soft, all using old materials.

The style Scandinavian : recognizable by its colors, its omnipresent wood and vintage design: it has emerged in the interiors for several years now.

The style industrial : come to New York lofts that are old factories converted into housing and has made its place in the world from the inside. He mainly uses strong and raw materials, and its colors are usually beige, black and gray.

The style pop : is born in the seventies, he proudly waved bright colors, geometric patterns and round shapes. It fascinates the fashion world for nearly fifty years now and brings a real dynamism inside.

The style cottage : main aims to be comfortable and warm, and this particularly in the winter, inspired by the mountain chalets.

It boasts raw materials, generous colors like red and white, wood and fur.

The style vintage : us back in the 195 s, with its designer furniture, floral patterns and its aged and raw materials! Most of the furniture that want retro are quite dark and it is the Decorator / trice to contrast this darkness with other keys more cheerful.

The style exotic : has the gift to disorient his style a bit wild jungle. It contrasts with its powerful colors and natural materials. Is fresh and bright, it creates a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. 

The colors green and yellow are the master shades of exotic style, while the Palm trees and tropical flowers make up his reasons. It is recommended as covers and cushions, and mix the styles for a more natural.

The style flea market : consists of very heterogeneous elements having nothing to do with each other. Its success is in the ability of the Decorator / trice to mix these elements to create a chic interior and vintage. Collect and collect old objects found in flea markets or old attics is the main target of the Decorator wishing creates such a style.

The style minimalist : can be described in three words: Less is more! It is functionalist and updated only on the essential. If he wants to get sober by the objects that compose, it is also by the color where it is radically opposed to the pop style: no garish and bright colors, grey, white, beige, blue night. It accepts no contrasts and everything goes with.

6 / some famous homes 

Known too that what famous men from near or far becomes famous. Of course, houses do not escape the rule, here are a few houses so that by the name of their resident (or their presumed living), became famous.

The birthplace of Molière... Almost!

At the Bridge Street New, a man sold his house, ensuring that it was the birthplace of Molière. This news was not insignificant for its buyer who had built a statue of it with for inscription: "J.B Poquelin Molière's: this House was built on the location of the one where he was born the year 162 . Almost! His birthplace is indeed located 2 meters from it. Some preliminary checks would not have been superfluous.

The House of Marcel Proust

The room where Marcel Proust conceived his works became famous thanks to the action of sponsorship of the Bank who appropriated the premises. She decided to restore his room in restoring it to its original look (whatever in new condition), and make it open to visitors!

Le Corbusier House

Le Corbusier House was obviously expected at the turn, and it was natural to be curious about the apartment of this architectural genius! It turns out that this one passes the test brilliantly because it is arranged according to its own principles.

The most expensive House in the world

Antilia (it is the name of the House) is famous only for being the most expensive House in the world. Located in Bombay in India, it was manufactured by the first fortune of India Mukesh Ambani and completed in 2 1 . The magazine Forbes ranked her the most expensive private residence in the world with a construction cost estimated at between 1 and 2 billion dollars!

A quick tour: 27-story, 37 square meters of area, 6 basement parking, 29 rooms, 4 pools including one Olympic, 3 helipads, a hospital floor, a cinema and a theatre, the least we can say is that the House has to dream! 

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