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Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
  • Maison techneb: Furniture, Design, Decoration, lighting, carpets, chairs, armchairs, stools, Tables, equipment of the House
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Design Decorative objects: original objects to decorate your home, trendy accessories and practical for a daily use.

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Come discover original objects to decorate your home, trendy and practical accessories for everyday use. Gift ideas of decorative objects to choose from a wide choice of statues, photo frames, wall statues, bright objects ... 

Decorative objects ... but what for? 

For millennia, we have placed in our interiors objects that seemingly have no use. But why do we encumber ourselves with these rare or less rare pieces? 

The house, although functional, also responds to a more unconscious and psychological need. Indeed our house is in our image, it is what we want to send back to our guests and ourselves. We decorate it according to our tastes and our preferences but also in order to blossom and feel good. 

For psychoanalysis, it is our third envelope after skin and clothing, which explains our desire to maintain and beautify it. This also gives an explanation to the decoration objects, these have a meaning for their owner and improve his well-being. 

It may be through the beauty of the object, the sentimental value it has, or its history. Many criteria that make us decorate our interiors with statuettes, and other objects not very functional in appearance. 

Surprisingly, we design and build all our homes according to the model of our childhood. Our memories follow us unconsciously through our decor! 

The statuette, timeless! 

The statuette, small object easily adaptable to all types of decorations. Of all shapes and materials, it brings a touch of elegance to your home. 

The statuette dates from the Paleolithic! Carved in wood or ivory at that time, then the result of a molding in antiquity, the statuette went through the ages. Often object of devotion (Madonnas and Buddhas are the most common statuettes), it has been also a decorative element for millennia.

Among the Greeks, the statuette often put the body in the spotlight and represented men (most often) naked while playing sports. 

In the same vein, modern statuettes in the style of the ROMEO Athlete Statuette in Fiberglass (White) highlight the muscles in innovative materials. 

To showcase your statuettes in your interior think of their location in your home. For example, you can place your statuette in the middle of indoor plants. A white statuette will be highlighted by the contrast with the green of the plants. The entrance is also a privileged space to deposit your decorative objects. On a console this statue ELEPHANT decorative sculpture in resin (black, silver) will mark the spirit of your guests and will be the key piece of your entry. You can also use your statuettes as a book press in your library, this set of 2 sculptures TAURUS resin (multicolor) will perfectly frame your favorite readings. You can also display them on occasional tables, or in showcases if you are a collector. 

The statuettes go well with the sleek styles, just place a few carefully selected items to enhance the clarity of your minimalist interior as this CORNU aluminum wall statue that, put on a wall, will give a character to the room. . Finally, trust your instincts and preferences. 

Life frames 

a)Small chronology of the frame 

The frame is a relatively old object and has evolved a lot during its passage through times. 

Before the rebirth, the frame is inseparable from the art, that is to say that the frames serve only to frame the painted works and each frame is made to measure for the work that accompanies it. 

With the revolution, the frame becomes an independent object. Firstly carved in wood, it is democratized with the rise of the molding. The frame is a very interesting object to observe as it has adopted a very particular style for each period of history. A faithful testimony of the evolution of the craft and shapes and colors fashionable throughout the time. 

b) Why do we frame?

 But what is the reason why we feel the need to frame ...

There is obviously the aesthetic aspect of this border that highlights the subject. But the frame is also a way to delimit a space. Often containing memories, the frame separates the space of remembrance and nostalgia from the rest of the world. 

The photos for example are in our interiors because the memory has an important place in our lives and can contribute to our well being. For example, the MARTEL Large Format Photo Frame in aluminum will perfectly showcase your photos. 

Design jewelry holder, a deco and beauty asset! 

a)The jewels speak for us! 

The jewel is the symbol of what you choose to show of yourself and of your mood. He intervenes as second skin just like decoration. The jewels have most of the time a very strong sentimental value and this whatever their market value. 

Previously, the jewel had been for centuries a sign of power and wealth reserved for the male (kings, popes, warlords, ...). Agnès Sorel, the favorite of Charles VII, was the first who demanded to be able to wear diamonds. After her, the jewel begins to feminize. 

b) Jewelry as a decoration 

The jewels are therefore strong symbols of what we are. They have a very important place in our lives. It is for this reason that it is smart to put them in value even in its decoration thanks to the jewelry holder. 

The FOUR Jewelry Holder (aluminum) for example, is in itself a decorative object and can only sublimate your favorite rings! 

Whether we are aware or not, our decoration contributes directly to our happiness! So scattering decorative objects that we like in our interior is a very original way to cheer us up. Studying these objects and their location can even tell you what state of mind you are in and what is wrong ...Let your unconscious express itself !!!

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